Tuesday, March 10, 2015

10/31 Slice of Life Challenge: An 8 Step Slice

Step 1: Brainstorming: Re-think your entire life and why you have come to this moment. 
Step 2: Avoidance: Walk away from the blank screen and complete that one household chore you meant to do yesterday. 
Step 3: Illusionment: Sit in your favorite writing space with possible cup of coffee/late and casual music playing in the background and begin typing your life story with the voice of Morgan Freeman and the diction of (insert favorite writer here). 
Step 4: Reality: Erase everything you just wrote. Actually, Ctrl+Z, then save as separate draft under memoirs for another day. 
Step 5: Confrontation: Begin writing absolutely anything on the screen. Anything, "I love potatoes." "I have two cats." "Sally sold sea shells down by the sea shore." 
Step 6: Hope: Begin writing feverously with newfound inspiration or acceptance that this is all you've got. 
Step 7: Season to taste: Add a splash of sarcasm, a hint of humor, a pinch of positivity, and top it of with a dash of doubt. 
Step 8: Exhale: Close your eyes, hit the publish button, and exhale. You've just survived the 8 step slice. (Good luck with tomorrow.) 


  1. Love it! I need to remember this next time I'm unsure of what to write.

  2. I love the part about Morgan Freeman being the voice of your life story. :-) I love Morgan Freeman's voice.

  3. Morgan Freeman - the perfect slice narrator! I love your 8 step program for slice writing...I often do a lot of composing, deleting, recomposing, etc. in my head before I try to sit at the computer. Otherwise, I do a lot of walking away from the blank screen. I'm teaching my students about How To writing right now...it's amazing how many real life examples I have found lately! :)

  4. Yes, I can hear Morgan Freeman narrating. I've been here. Hope tomorrow is better.

  5. Think there are a lot of us facing the fear of the page at this point!

  6. Yep. Step 2 happens to me all the time! It is amazing how much avoided housework I can get done when I should be/could be writing!