Wednesday, March 4, 2015

4/31 Slice of Life Challenge: My Day in 5 Memes

I woke up this morning at 3:30am and for the first time today have just sat down at 8:41pm to relax. I'm sure many of us have days like this. Days where you can't turn your brain off. Days where you can't wait to face plant into the couch and bask in relaxation. I reflected back on this very busy day and decided, there was no one single moment that was "slice-able" so I instead thought to create a short montage of my top 5 memes!

3:30am Wake-Up Call is definitely way too early. I reached my maximum cups of coffee but boy, did it help!! You gotta love the little routines in life. For me, making a cup of joe with my co-workers and catching up at the Keurig is a moment I look forward to each morning. Some of our best ideas come about then, too!

 Today we finally saw our B-Day children! Yay! I have a lot to grade, and I am motivated to get it all done! WOOHOO! :)

Today was a reverse-schedule day and I got to see the students at three very different times today. Sometimes that can throw off the flow of things, especially when we haven't seen our B-Day kiddos in a few days. But, it was one of those awesome days where you hit you just hit your teaching groove. The lesson is flowing, the students are engaged, and the timing is perfect! These are the great days (among many many more) that I am so thankful I have a job with great people and phenomenal students. 

 A wonderful Wednesday isn't complete without my 695: Writing Across the Curriculum class. The teachers that gather all bring something different to the table and it is such a fun experience to collaborate and share. I often walk away with my head bursting with ideas for my next class. It is so exciting and also reinforces meme number 3, I love my job!

There is no better way to end a busy, busy day than to know ahead of time that school for the next day is a snow day. While I may be wishing for warmer days, I do look forward to sleeping in tomorrow! 

While I was typing this I realized, this could be a fun way to formatively assess! What if students had a pre-determined selection of pictures, and could create their own memes on lessons? Exit-Memes? Perhaps I will experiment next class! Thoughts?

** All above memes were used with a meme generator: **


  1. Tomorrow is a snow day in Kentucky, too! Enjoy!

  2. Tomorrow is a snow day in Kentucky, too! Enjoy!

  3. Not only was that cool - I LOVE the idea of using memes as assessment! I will be passing that idea along!!

  4. Yes!! Meme lesson! First, make sure your kids say "meem" and not "meemee" like some of mine did. lol. What a great idea! I'd love to know how it goes if you try it out.

  5. Haha great post!! Happy snow day! :)

  6. What a fun post. I might have to try the meme generator.

  7. LOVE the idea of having students create memes!!! And I LOVED how you used them!! This post could be a great mentor text. I love class too on Wednesdays!! You all inspire me so much! Enjoy tomorrow too!!!