Tuesday, March 3, 2015

3/31 Slice of Life Challenge: Rising with the Sun

I love waking up in the mornings (sometimes...most of the time...it depends). For the most part it is a refreshing feeling knowing that coffee will be made and then inhaled, the sun will rise, and a day of positive possibilities awaits. The past few days have just felt...off. The snow days (as much as they can be a wonderful reprieve from busy days) have left me discombobulated and I yearn for some regimented workdays. So waking up this morning, I felt great! I was excited to get to work. I was excited to drink as much coffee as humanly possible. I was excited to see the children's faces and teach our next unit!

I wanted to share a picture I took (safely!) this morning because I was completely taken away with the beautiful sun rise. It reminds me of warmer weather and I so desperately want it to be warmer!

On my way into work, I took a moment to reflect and think about all of the things I am so grateful for and the possibilities today would bring:

  • I am grateful for hot coffee in cat-decorated tumblers with amaretto creamer.
  • I am thankful my Jeep started this morning--the 13 year old engine doesn't like cold weather!
  • I am thankful for great music that keeps me singing along while I drive. 
  • I am grateful for a job that allows me to work with awesome people and brilliant students on a daily basis.
  • I am incredibly grateful for the people closest to my heart because of how often they are there for me. 
  • I am thankful for beautiful mornings that remind me how wonderful life can be despite the down/off days.

I hope you all had a beautiful morning too! How do you start your mornings?


  1. What an uplifting post! I used to be a morning person....watching the sun rise as I drove to work always put me in a great mood. Now that I am retired I tend to stay up really late and so I miss many sunrises...but get to enjoy sunsets. You have a great attitude and it comes through in this post. I can only imagine how lucky your students are.

  2. I love your exciting day! 'All the possibilities.' It just makes for a great day to look at the positives - and your students feel it too! Great slice

  3. You know what? We (the royal 'we') always tout about being thankful for the seemingly little things. It's wonderful to see it put into practice, because knows when those little things don't happen we hear about it, don't we? Lovely post.

  4. What a photo! And I do the same at times as well. What a great list of things to be grateful about today. Such positive thinking.

  5. Gratitude is so important to a life well lived! I love my mornings! I wake up earlier than I need to, so I can ease into my day. I, too, am discombobulated (great word) with all of these snow days. I'd like my routine back. GORGEOUS picture!!!